Zhang Zixing, Member of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, serves the Zhaochi Group

Time: 2019-07-15

        7 12 日下午,深圳市委常委、市纪委书记、市监委主任张子兴率队挂点服务兆驰集团, 市纪委常委、秘书长 刘原枫,龙岗区委书记张勇,区纪委书记赵嘉等领导陪同, 区委(府)办、区教育局、区工业和信息化局、区住房建设局、区卫生健康局、市规划和自然资源局龙岗管理局、龙岗区税务局、南湾街道党工委等主要职能 部门负责人随行, 深入了解实体制造业行业发展现状,为企业经营排忧解难。 On the afternoon of July 12 , 2019 , the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee, the Secretary of the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission, and the Director of the Municipal Supervision Committee Zhang Zixing led the team to serve the Zhaochi Group. The Standing Committee of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Secretary General Liu Yuanfeng , the Secretary of the Longgang District Party Committee Zhang Yong, and the Secretary of the District Discipline Inspection Committee Zhao Jia Accompanied by other leaders, District Party Committee (Office) Office, District Education Bureau, District Industry and Information Technology Bureau, District Housing Construction Bureau, District Health and Health Bureau, Longgang Administration of Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, Longgang District Taxation Bureau, Nanwan Street The responsible persons of the main functional departments such as the Party Working Committee are accompanying, and they have an in-depth understanding of the development status of the physical manufacturing industry and solve problems for business operations.

From left to right: Zhang Yong, secretary of the Longgang District Committee, Zhang Zixing, secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Gu Wei, chairman of the Zhaochi Group

TV 事业部总经理何胜斌及党委书记、总裁助理丁莎莎等陪同张子兴书记一行实地参观了公司互联网电视生产线、 LED 封装生产线及党建文化宣传栏,重点了解兆驰集团的发展历程、生产经营状况以及未来战略布局。 Gu Wei, Chairman of the Board, Mr. Yan Zhirong, Vice President of the TV Division , He Shengbin, General Manager of the TV Division, and Secretary of the Party Committee and Assistant to the President Ding Shasha accompanied the Secretary of Zhang Zixing to visit the company's Internet TV production line, LED packaging production line and party building culture publicity column. The development history, production and operation status and future strategic layout of Zhaochi Group. Subsequently, at the symposium, Zixing’s secretary listened to the serious shortage of industrial space faced by the enterprise in the development, the improvement of supporting facilities around the industrial park, the inconvenience of employees’ medical treatment, and the difficulty of learning for the children of grassroots employees. Longgang District Bureau of Trade and Industry Leaders of relevant functional departments such as the Inland Revenue Department, the Housing and Construction Bureau, and the Education Bureau will respond to the scene one by one.

Chairman Gu Wei introduced the company's development history to Zhang Zixing's secretary

  Symposium scene

Longgang District Education Bureau leaders respond to questions raised by companies

Secretary Zhang Zixing fully affirmed the current development and achievements of the Zhaochi Group and guided the problems encountered by the Group. 积极帮助企业排忧解难,助力企业做大做强做优,促进产业升级。 He said that the government departments and enterprises need more communication and interaction, actively help enterprises to solve problems, help enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and promote industrial upgrading. At the same time, it is hoped that enterprises will continue to develop their own advantages and enhance their comprehensive strength, give full play to their subjective initiative, and make greater contributions to the development of Shenzhen.

Zhang Zixing's secretary speaks

Zhaochi Group will actively respond to domestic and international economic changes, enhance technological innovation capabilities, accelerate product upgrades, enhance brand competitiveness, and continue to contribute to the development of the manufacturing industry in the motherland!

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