Zhaochi Jiayin | 2019 Shenzhen Top 500 Enterprises Released! Zhaochi Group ranks 70th!

Time: 2019-07-31

Zhaochi shares: 70th place

On July 30, 2019, the "2019 Shenzhen Top 500 Enterprises Development Report" jointly compiled by Shenzhen Enterprise Confederation and Shenzhen Entrepreneur Association was officially announced in Shenzhen Business Daily. The selection was based on the nature of the company. The income (or sales income), the number of patents and other indicators as a reporting condition, under the guidance of the China Enterprise Confederation, the China Entrepreneur Association and relevant departments, carried out a series of strict examinations and professional assessment, Zhaochi Group ranked 70th on the list name.

2019 Shenzhen Top 500 Enterprises List (excerpt)

The acquisition of this award by Zhaochi Group not only makes the company's comprehensive strength and all aspects of its ability highly recognized and recognized, but also an important testimony to Zhaochi Group's continuous improvement of product quality and service quality!

In the future, Zhaochi Group will continue to intensify its research and development efforts, continuously promote new products, strengthen and improve product services, promote the high-quality development of branding and internationalization of our company, and enhance the broad understanding of the social value of our company. China's economy and urban development are resonating!

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