Visiting and exchange|Professor Chen Dongsheng from the Central Party School visited the Zhaochi Group

Time: 2019-08-31

On the afternoon of August 29, 2019, Chen Dongsheng, professor of the Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and director of the Department of Ideological and Political Work of the former Ma Yuanyuan, and Ling Jie, deputy secretary-general of the Council of the Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, visited Zhaochi Group for investigation and investigation. The Longgang District Committee organized a sub-disciplinary department. Mr. Li Guiyou, the staff of the Propaganda Department of the Longgang District Party Committee, the Party Committee of Nanwan Street, the Minister of Organization Department, Mr. Tang Yushun, and the staff, accompanied by the Party Secretary of Zhaochi Group, Assistant President Ding Shasha, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of TV Purchasing Department Liu Yueting Warm reception.

Professor Chen Dongsheng and his entourage visited the Party Member Activity Room, the Party Building Cultural Corridor and the Product Exhibition Hall. The Secretary of Ding Shasha accompanied the company's development process, won the award, and carried out specific measures and achievements of the party branch work. Subsequently, the leader and his team went into the production workshop of Zhaochi Group, and listened to the introduction of the plant's general situation, safety production and operation, and the development of special party building work. By watching the scene and listening to the introduction, Professor Chen and his party attached great importance to the party building work to the group leaders and actively carried out various party building activities and gave a high evaluation.

Professor Chen Dongsheng and his party visited the Zhaochi Product Showroom

Professor Chen Dongsheng and his entourage visited the demonstration workshop of Zhaochi Intelligent Manufacturing

As a private enterprise, Zhaochi Group has attached great importance to party building work, giving full play to the leadership role of party organizations, mobilizing the leading role of all party members in unity, hard work, forge ahead, and courage to take the lead, and strengthen the linkage between enterprises and enterprises. The healthy development of the company plays a role in escorting.

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