Zhaochi Jiayin | Zhaochi Group ranks among the top 500 enterprises in China!

Time: 2019-09-02

On September 1, 2019, the 2019 China Top 500 Enterprises Summit Forum hosted by the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Entrepreneur Association was held in Jinan. More than a thousand representatives from government departments, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars from all over the country attended the conference. meeting.

At the meeting, the list of 2019 China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises was officially released. This is a comprehensive, scientific and independent research on the development of corporate strengths in China's manufacturing enterprises. It has a huge social impact nationwide. . With its steady development and excellent competitive strength, Zhaochi Group won 20 China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises (ranked 426) and China's manufacturing top 500 (ranked 349th).

Excerpts from the Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises in 2019

With the theme of “New Mission, New Momentum, New Breakthrough: Big Enterprise Development in the Great Change”, the conference aims to promote the high-quality development of large enterprises across the country, create superior enterprises, play a leading role in demonstration, and achieve enterprise competitiveness and A new breakthrough in the development of quality. As a leading physical manufacturing company in China, Zhaochi Group has always been committed to providing customers with reliable products with strong technology research and development, strict quality control and sophisticated manufacturing equipment. Facing the complex and ever-changing market environment at home and abroad, Zhaochi Group has continuously strengthened its own reforms, adhered to innovation drive, and continued to promote high-quality development, making new contributions to China's manufacturing industry from catching up with development and leading development.

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