Intelligent manufacturing

We believe that good internal quality is fundamental to the growth of a company. With over ten years of experience in manufacturing, Zhaochi has been adhering to the philosophy and essence of “artisan spirit” and has been striving to realize the vision of “becoming a Chinese company respected by global consumers”. With its persistent attitude and persistence and pursuit of quality products, Zhaochi has successively completed the integration of the entire industry chain, and continued to promote refined management, and continuously invested in automation transformation, striving to become the pioneer of China Manufacturing 2025.

Intelligent Terminal LED series products

Since its establishment, Zhaochi has adhered to its products, technologies and services. Through more than 10 years of continuous cultivation, it has accumulated valuable experience in designing R&D, manufacturing, supply chain management and quality control capabilities. At the same time, Zhaochi has maintained its pursuit of superior quality and production efficiency. It has intensively cultivated upstream and downstream supply chains, industrial park automation and system-wide ERP management, and has become an ideal partner for global consumer electronics brands and hardware manufacturers. Well-known brands offer highly competitive home audio and video products.

This is the era of the Internet of Everything, and the network is the basis for the interconnection of intelligent terminals. In 2017, Zhaochi completed the merger and acquisition of Caihuang Communication Technology Co., Ltd., and quickly cut into the field of home network equipment, and established a complete end-to-end quality assurance system, establishing a bridge for digital communication for intelligent terminals. The home network is escorted.

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LED lighting has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, green environmental protection and long service life, which can effectively save energy and reduce exhaust emissions. Zhaochi is committed to the development of the LED industry, promoting the process of LED lighting applications and promoting the sustainable development of human society. We adhere to technology-oriented, continuous research and development, and strive to provide consumers with efficient, energy-saving, safe, environmentally friendly and durable light source.

Zhaochi has started from LED packaging and continues to develop upstream and downstream. By mastering core technologies and opening up all links of LED industry chain, we are able to provide customers with high-performance, cost-effective LED components and application products. In 2017, Zhaochi shares and Nanchang municipal government departments spent more than 6 billion yuan to enter the technology-intensive and talent-intensive LED epitaxial wafer and chip industry, truly realizing the vertically integrated industrial chain layout of upstream and downstream, making Zhaochi shares in LED Packaging, LED backlighting and LED lighting will be more competitive.

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Internet entertainment

In 2015, Zhaochi completed the acquisition of and realized the cross-border strategic transformation of “Industry+Internet” to help Zhaochi build a new generation living room entertainment center.

Since its establishment in 2005, has been adhering to the values of “openness, integration and innovation” and focusing on user experience. After more than ten years of network video field, it has become China's leading Internet video content platform. In 2015, Zhaochi completed the merger and acquisition of Fengxing. It organically combined the deep technology accumulation of Zhaochi and the influence of Internet genes and brands on Fengxing. Since then, Zhaochi has independently completed the development of the TV operating system FUN OS, and successfully provided network video streaming services from PC, mobile to TV coverage for hundreds of millions of users around the world, providing users with richer and smoother. A smarter new experience in video entertainment.

In 2016, took short video as its strategic development direction and released the short video platform “Mei”. It involves content production, publicity and marketing services, covering content categories such as sports, cars and food, providing users with accurate and high-quality content, as well as providing customized customized short video marketing solutions for advertisers.

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Consumer business

The company has been working quietly for more than ten years and finally decided to go from behind the scenes to the stage in 2015. Through direct contact with end consumers, Zhaochi will better serve the majority of families and provide more cutting-edge technology, more competitive costs, and higher performance products.

Popular internet TV Zhaochi Lighting

Family atmosphere

Popular TV (FUNTV) was jointly launched by the December 2015 Zhaochi Shares,, Oriental Pearl, Haier and Gome. In the ultra-dimensional ecology, Zhaochi shares give first-class hardware quality, provides deep content operation and software customization, Oriental Pearl guarantee license and massive quality content, Gome Haier helps one-stop offline service. Popular TV sets of genuine licenses, rich content, in-depth operations and industrial manufacturing, providing users with video on demand, big screen games, home entertainment, life assistant four-screen Internet service, designed to create a new generation of living room entertainment center. At the same time, popular TV is also the leader of the company to enter the consumer business, representing the most advanced and high-end manufacturing technology and technology in the country, condensing the domestic leading AI technology, and is committed to bringing more entertainment experience to more families.

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Guangzhao future, light Yaowan

With the successful production of the Zhaochi LED chip industrial park, Zhaochi will become one of the few application lighting enterprises in China with the full industrial chain capability. Relying on the full upstream and downstream vertical integration and the whole industry chain layout of Zhaochi, Zhaochi Lighting can provide customers with differentiated overall lighting application solutions. Zhaochi Lighting will adhere to the technology-oriented, continuous research and development innovation, promote product diversification and intelligence, and enhance the quality of life of consumers through high-quality lighting products and excellent service.

Your pursuit of a better life is the driving force that drives us to progress.

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